Advanced Teacher Training

Emotional and Mental Well-being Training

with Vayia Nafees

100hour Advanced Meditation Teacher Training and Emotional and Mental Wellness Practitioner Training

accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals and CPD

Monday 8th March - Monday 26th April 2021

It is through the deepest levels of meditation we understand the emotional, mental and spiritual layer of our being hence this training will qualify you as both of the above.


This is an intensive 7-week training where you will continue to embody meditation as a daily practice whilst delving deeper into understanding the emotional, mental and spiritual layer of human beings. By the end of this training, you will be qualified to offer two different CPD wellness programs (Mental Wellness Certificate and Emotional Wellness Certificate) regulated by Be Your Spirit. 


This training is available for anyone who has completed the 100 hour Transformational Meditation Teacher with Vayia and is now ready to continue their professional training.

Core elements

Buddhist Meditation


Integral Meditation


Yoga Nidra


Inner Chid Healing 


Allowing and Accepting Meditation


Cord Cutting Meditation


Chakra Balancing Meditation


Loving, Kindness Meditation

OSHO Kundalini Meditation


Core elements

An Insight Self-Practice

You can only teach meditation if you understand where meditation can take you and the benefits it delivers.


One of the core parts of this training is based on self practice and deepening your own personal experience of its insights and gifts.

Transformational Meditations

Experiencing and understanding the theory and energetic healing behind the transformational and healing meditations.

Step Into Your Potential

The third powerful aspect of this training is releasing any final blocks to allow you to step into the teacher role, enabling you to share your knowledge and wisdom with others.


The course will teach you how to implement meditation into your life and business.

Introduction to Meditation



Transformation on all four bodies

(Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual)


Understanding the Mind:

Mindfulness v's Consciousness

Energy and Vibrational Levels


Teaching and Holding space for transformation and healing to occur



When and where they are formed

How we carry them and how we release them


Healing through thought and meditations

Transformational Meditations

Conscious Creating Your Life/Manifesting


be still  be inspired  be free

Vayia is a respected published author. Her guided workbook will take you on a journey to yourself, to your heart and to your inner wisdom. It will help you remember your dharma (purpose) in this lifetime and take steps to bring it into action, creating a life of fulfilment.

Find your purpose workbook

Course dates



Next intake:

Tuesday 12th January - Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Monday 1st March - Monday 26th April 2021

(Early bird price until 15th Feb)

Monday 6th September - Monday 1st November 2021

(Early bird price by 20th August)

Booking your place

£1395 per person. 


Early Bird Price: £1195

To book, simply register here and pay a non-refundable deposit of £295.

The rest of the payment can be split into 2 payments or monthly payments and paid during the duration of the training.


Feedback from those who have participated in our workshops, courses and retreats

Vayia really does know how to magically create a space for anyone to be their spirit! My training experience with Vaiya was informative, fun, professional and sincere. She has a unique skill to make people feel incredibly at ease



The teacher training course was a really transformative process for me and I feel like a different person for doing it. Vayia is a wonderfully kind and generous person with a warm heart which comes across in her nurturing style of teaching


 I was mind blown by how powerful meditation can really be, and for someone who has been practicing meditation for a while, this opened a further spiritual gateway beyond my imagination. This course is simply divine. I would recommend for all of those who want to get closer to understanding their spiritual self.


This course has completely changed my approach to many things, and has deepened my own desire to nurture my own practice as well as to teach others.




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