Meditation Class


Thursdays 7.45pm - 8.45pm at The Healthy Yogi in Maidenhead 

Complete beginners or experienced meditators welcome! Drop-in price: £12. Please book through The Healthy Yogi website

Everything comes from our minds! Every thought, every stress, every to-do list. Learn to meditation and start to understand your own mind, once you understand it, you can start to bring space between your thoughts, lets go of thoughts that are not serving you, quiet your mind and release what other beautiful insights and peace that is available to you all from inside of you.

The benefits of meditation are endless and limitless, come try a class and see what meditation has to offer.

I offer fabulous 3 hour Yoga and Meditation workshops at the weekends in the different studios around Berkshire/Buckinghamshire.

Please check out my workshop page for more details.

Interested in my 100hour Meditation Teacher Training? Click here for more info x

Put your thoughts to sleep, do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking. 



Our Mind: Our mind is constantly on the go, it can also get stuck in cycles of the same thoughts all day long. My yoga classes work on relaxing and calming the mind then bringing awareness to your thoughts. We can change our thoughts. We can also attract things into our life from our thoughts. We were never taught how to cleanse our mind, how to have a peaceful mind, how to get rid of the clutter in our mind and how to bring more positive thoughts into our mind. From the 600hours of Vipassana (Buddhist) meditation I undertook in the temples in Thailand, I learnt how we can take care of our minds. I therefore like to include some easy tips during your Yoga practice so you come out with thoughts that make you feel more than a million dollars.

Our Body: Movement is one of the easiest ways to transform our mind, body and spirit. Yoga transforms on 5 different levels (Koshas) The mind, body, emotional, wisdom and soul level. It is through our body that we can release 'things' we no longer need to hold on too, by releasing these 'things' we transform our energy. To learn more about transformation why not come and join my yoga class.

Our Soul: Once we start to quieten our mind and bring our awareness into our body (this automatically happens during a yoga session) we start to learn how to access our intuition and our hearts desires this is where true happiness comes from. You may have noticed one day your mind will let you something that will make you happy then the next day it will tell you something else that makes you happy. True happiness and contentment comes from within. Through the practice of Yoga anyone can access true happiness, contentment, inspiration, intuition. This is also the layer of ourselves where we realise anything is possible and if we want we can do/be and have what our heart desires (we can call this manifesting).

I also hold Yoga, Reiki and Meditation retreats in the UK and Greece. Click the links to take you through to my retreats page.

I offer Reiki Courses, Meditation Sessions and Yoga Workshops on the weekends at the local studios around the area (berks/bucks) Please look through the different tabs on this website for more details or any questions please get in touch.

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