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Reiki Treatments at Yoga For Harmony's Therapy Room in Windsor.

Appointments available:

Every Monday: 6:30pm-7:30pm or 7:40pm-8:40pm or every Thursday 12:30pm-1:30pm.

A Reiki treatments is a must have treatment to re-align your mind, body and


Why hang around with stuff in your psyic that you can shift immediately through a super relaxing and super enjoyable reiki treatment. We have much to learn as human beings so the quicker you can shift the more lightness, joy and growth you can bring into your life.

Benefits of Reiki:

* Reduces and in cases elimnates pain

* Brings a feeling of peace

* Reduces stress and anxiety

* Brings balance to an emotionally unstable time.

* Aids to help deep relaxation and sleep.

* Assists the body with it's natural healing process

Price: £50 (Price only for February 2020: £35) 

To book a treatment please enquire below or send me an e-mail at beyourspirit@gmail.com.

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'To this day, Reiki is one of the best things I have been introduced to in my life. Not only did Vaiya help me through a negative time with Reiki, but she has also inspired me to live life with a certain mindset. Each time I feel a little bit of anxiety or other negative feeling I think to myself...what would Vaiya say or do. I even carry out my own Reiki treatments that I was taught in the Reiki 1 course, as well as having treatments with Vaiya. Vaiya, with the help of Reiki has inspired and helped me to live my life in a positive and calm way so I can fulfil my full potential in whatever it is I do."

Isabella from Maidenhead

'Prior to meeting Vayia, Reiki wasn’t something I was overly aware of. However, Vayia instantly made me curious to understand and find out more. She has an amazing ability to put you at ease, with a calming, caring and understanding manner. After one session with Vayia, I felt not only relaxed, but more in control of my own thoughts and confidence in these. I would recommend Reiki, and Vayia is an fantastic practitioner.' 

Joanna from Maidenhead

Private Yoga and Meditation Lessons

If you would like to practise Yoga and Meditation in the comfort of your own home or my treatment room in Cookham then I offer private individual or group sessions. If this is something you are interested in then send me a message and I very much look forward to sharing these practices with you. 


1 hour session £50 (up to 4 people)

1.5 hour session £60 (up to 4 people)

Book or Enquire

Please use the course name as the subject  

I very much look forward to sharing a treatment with you.

Much love,

Vayia x