Full Moon and New Moon: Setting Intentions

September 5, 2017


As human beings we hold on to so much from our past. You can notice this by your reoccurring thoughts of the past in your mind. The past develops who we have become in the present however usually these old situations and beliefs from the past hold us back from being the best we can in the present.


It is therefore a necessary process to continue to release emotions, situations and belief systems held in our energetic body. Once we start to release the older baggage we have held on to we start to feel lighter and happier and are then able to welcome new opportunities into our life. The best way to start releasing is to follow the moon cycles, with every full moon we give the intention to release something and with every new moon we give an intention to bring something new into our lives.

Human beings are always striving to grow, to better ourselves, this is a natural process in life, this is what we are here for. I am talking about inner growth, however our inside world creates our outside reality, so they are directly interlinked. You will only find true happiness by working from the inside out.

For the FULL MOON: Decide what you want to let go of this month. This could be anything that is not serving you to your highest good. Anything that depletes your energy rather than gives you energy, something you really know is not helping you at this time in your life. It could be a job, a situation, a relationship, a substance or food or a habit. Your intentions are powerful, once you decide what it is you want to let go of then just allow this to happen, either make the necessary changes for it to happen or just let it go, do not feed it anymore of your time and energy. Somethings you will notice are easy to let go whilst others can take some time, so just be patient and kind to yourself within the process.

You can check out my guided meditation on releasing the old on YouTube.

For the NEW MOON: The new moon is a fantastic time to set your intention/s for the month or your year ahead. An intention does not come from your mind, it comes from your heart. Your mind will tell you what it thinks you should do or not do according to what information it has heard or processed. However this is not an intention, that sounds more like a new years resolution that usually fails within a couple of weeks.


An intention is a desire from your heart, it is what your heart is longing for, so we need to quieten our mind and quietly ask our inner-self, 'What is it that I am longing for?'. Then sit and wait an listen, either you will hear the answer immediately or it might take a couple of days to come through.

I recommend setting an intention every single month on the new moon and see your life change for the better.

Watch out for my Yoga Nidra (Intention Setting Yogic Sleep) coming soon on my YouTube channel.

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