UK Weekend Meditation Retreats

Next Meditation Retreat: Friday 18th January - Sunday 20th January 2019

Want to learn how to meditation?

This weekend is dedicated to the art of meditation. A time for self-reflection, and inhibition releasing within a safe and sacred space.

This weekend will guide you through a variety of meditation practices so you can receive the benefits from the different meditations whilst learning a meditation practice that will suit you if you choose to continue with some meditation in your daily life at home.

There is no need of previous meditation experience. Everyone is on their own journey at their own time.

This meditation retreat is held within a beautiful Cottage in Cookham Dean. There is a maximum of 4 spaces/rooms on this retreat enabling me to give a greater amount of one-on-one time if and when needed.

A little bit about me: Around 10 years ago whilst travelling in Thailand, I stumbled across a temple that took in international students and taught them Vipassana (Buddhist) Meditation. I undertook the basic Vipassana course (a 21 day silent meditation retreat). During this retreat I learnt and released so many beliefs that I carried which truly just were not mine. I released inhibitions that were holding me back from expressing my true-self and most of all I learnt how to delve deep, trust myself and realise, all knowledge, love and happiness is buried deep inside of us. It is not external things in life that make us happy. Happiness is already inside of us just waiting to be found.

10 years laters (after many more Vipassana retreats, learning and treaching Reiki 1, 2 and Masters combined with Yoga) I now offer Meditation retreats to help others find whatever is it they are looking/searching for (Happiness, Passion, Purpose, Peace) and I teach 100 hour Meditation Teacher Training Courses to give the option for others to teach the gift of meditation.

Transformational Meditations:


I offer a variety of meditations as different meditations have different benefits and resonate with people at different times of their life. The different types of meditation you will experience on this retreat are:

* Your own Self-Practice which I will guide and teach you.

* Chakra-Balancing Guided Meditation

* Cord-Cutting Meditation

* Restore the Body Guided Meditation

* Simple Pranyamas

* Four Elements Guided Meditation

* Mantras

* OSHO Kundalini Meditation

* You may not necessary experience all of the meditations above. Depending on the individuals at the retreat I will tailor make the retreat enabling me to give the most suited practices to the individuals.

Retreat Itinerary


Check-In between 6 pm - 7.30 (Please eat dinner before arriving)

8pm-9.30pm: Meditation


8.30am - 9.30am: Meditation

9.30am - 10.30 am: Breakfast

11am - 1pm: Meditation

1 pm-2pm: Nourishing vegetarian lunch

2pm - 5pm: Meditation

5.30 pm - 7 pm: Delicious Veggie Dinner.

7.30 pm - 9.30pm: Meditation


8.30am - 9.30am: Meditation

9.30 am-10.30 am: Breakfast

11.00 am - 1pm: Meditation

1pm - 2pm: Delicious Veggie Lunch

3.30pm-4.30pm: Meditation

5pm: Check-out

*schedule may change slightly

Bedrooms and Prices


What's included…


  • 2 nights stay in a cozy, cute room.

  • Food - Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast and lunch

  • My expertise, love and attention as I serve you and enable your evolution to take place

Bedroom 1: Single Room: £375pp

Bedroom 2: Double Room (single occupancy only): £395pp

Bedroom 3: Double Room with Ensuite (single occupancy only): £450pp

Bedroom 4: Double Room with Ensuite for double occupancy: £375pp


'I feel forever changed for the better, and would certainly recommend Vayia’s retreats to others'

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'Because Vayia is so natural in the way she practices yoga & meditation, she creates an atmosphere that doesn’t feel like you are being instructed and taught, it makes you feel as though she is sharing herself with you and sharing a new way of life'