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Yoga, Reiki, Meditation

Yin Yoga, Chakra-Balancing Meditation and Intention Setting Workshop


100-hour Online Transformational Meditation Teacher Training accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.


Next intake: Monday 17th June 2020.

A truly unique Meditation Teacher Training offering a variety of meditations: Inner-Child Healing, Mindful Self-Practice, Restore Your Energetic Body, Healing and Transformational Meditations, Vibrational Levels, Connect To Your Inner-Being...........Find out more here!


Meditation Teacher Training

‘Today I managed two rounds of the meditation in total I did a couple of hours including the break. It felt absolutely incredible, such joy and bliss. Like I’ve never felt in my life.. it was so deep in my mind, oh golly Vayia it’s so lovely” Jack from Staffordshire


‘We are 4 weeks into our online meditation teacher training and so many layers are shedding. I’ve been meditating more than ever before as part of this course and it is so POWERFUL. So much is being revealed. Feeling so happy and grateful. I love this journey and excited to be able to share more meditation with the people in my orbit.’ Sasha from London

"I truly cannot put into words how much I enjoyed the retreat with Vayia!!

It was one of the most incredible, fun and transformational experiences of my life. I absolutely adore yoga, and the way that Vayia teaches and leads practice is unlike any other teacher I have come across- she has true passion and love for it which comes across in everything she does.

Because she is so natural in the way she practices yoga & meditation, she creates an atmosphere that doesn’t feel like you are being instructed and taught, it makes you feel as though she is sharing herself with you and sharing a new way of life.

She also makes the yoga practices joyful and fun: I felt that I was learning, developing my practice and enjoying it more than I ever have before (and I have been practising yoga for a long time now).

The meditation sessions were eye-opening - I had never practised meditation before and the experience with Vayia was transformational. Same with the Reiki- incredible!

Vayia makes you feel so welcomed, relaxed and at peace, she creates the perfect atmosphere to let your inhibitions go and find peace within. I really can’t fully explain how much I enjoyed the weekend, how much I gained from it emotionally, mentally and physically. Thanks Vayia!!!!!"  

Bethany from London

"I decided to take the 100 hour meditation teacher training course after a 4 weeks beginners course Vayia taught at my local yoga studio. I really enjoyed the 4 week course and realised in order to really integrate meditation into my life permanently I needed to delve deeper and invest the time to practice daily which I knew the 100 hour course entailed. I didn’t need to think twice about Vayia being the the right teacher to guide me on this journey as I immediately felt comfortable with and trusted her. 


The teacher training course delivered above and beyond my expectations. It gave me a better understanding of mediation and and enabled me to start a daily practice but what I didn’t expect was that it was a really transformative process for me and I feel like a different person for doing it. It enabled me to gain a much better perspective on what I want in life and ability to be more content and calm on a daily basis plus gave me the confidence to take the first step in becoming a yoga teacher and I have since completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training. 


Vayia is a wonderfully kind and generous person with a warm heart which comes across in her nurturing style of teaching. I feel very lucky to have had the benefit of her support and I look forward to her taking her Reiki course in the near future as I continue my journey of self discovery." Cassie from Maidenhead


"I initially met Vayia at the Om Yoga Show, and was drawn to her positive energy and kind heart. A few weeks later I attended her weekend Yoga, Reiki, & Meditation Retreat, and I am very glad that I did. I really enjoyed the balanced mixture of all three elements in the retreat, and outside of the structured sessions, Vayia is great company. The large thatched cottage retreat venue was gorgeous, tranquil, and easily accessible. I can honestly say that further to the retreat weekend, I feel forever changed for the better, and would certainly recommend Vayia’s retreats to others." Georgina from luton

I stumbled across Vayia’s profile earlier this year & was instantly drawn to Vayia’s Transformational Meditation Teacher Training Course back in Summer 2018. This diverse course offers a flare of transformational meditation techniques, giving you a,n extraordinary gift to experience the power of your consciousness. I was mind blown by how powerful meditation can really be, and for someone who has been practicing meditation for a while, this opened a further spiritual gateway beyond my imagination.

Vayia’s high vibrational energy & nurturing persona makes her a remarkable meditation teacher, mentor and now a ‘friend for life’. With a collaboration of Vayia’s incredible mentoring and diversity, and with my dedication towards deep self-practice, I can now truly prioritise my wellbeing through self-awareness and can connect to the amazing universal energies that surrounding us.

This course is simply divine. I would recommend for all of those who want to get a little more closer to understanding their spiritual self. Kam from Windsor

 "Vayia is a wonderful human and extraordinary Transformational Meditation teacher. I first met Vayia in June 2017 after   completing my yoga teacher training. I undertook a Reiki qualification after which my interest turned to deeper   introspection and self transformation. I decided to complete a three month meditation course. I had been going   deeper into my own meditation practice and this seemed a very natural transition. Vayia was a massive influence and as my teacher guided us easily through a deeper understanding of meditation techniques and practices. I not only now come to Vayia for Reiki healing but also to discuss the profound changes I have experienced through meditation. We have spoken about working together as I love being in her aura and also knowing that she practices what she teaches. This cannot come about without profound self practice." Monika from Colnbrook

"I have been having regular reiki treatments with Vayia for the past eight months. She is incredibly intuitive and knows instinctively what to work on, in order to make the necessary improvements. She also happens to be, a wonderfully, caring and kind person.!I have done both Reiki 1 and 2 courses with Vayia, which were absolutely amazing and have been invaluable to my life. In my opinion, Reiki itself is an incredible healing method and can improve an individual's wellbeing on every level. It has helped me emotionally, mentally, psychologically as well as physically. It is also very relaxing to perform as well as receive.I highly recommended Vayia for both treatments and for her Reiki courses."

Kerry from Maidenhead

"Prior to meeting Vayia, Reiki wasn’t something I was overly aware of. However, Vayia instantly made me curious to understand and find out more. She has an amazing ability to put you at ease, with a calming, caring and understanding manner. After one session with Vayia, I felt not only relaxed, but more in control of my own thoughts and confidence in these. I would recommend Reiki, and Vayia is an fantastic practitioner."

Joanna from Maidenhead

"After suffering from anxiety I heard Reiki could help. I felt much more myself after just one session.

Would really recommend this treatment."

Amy from Brighton