Online 100hourTransformational Meditation Teacher Training

accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals

Next Intake: Tuesday 3rd November 2020

The Meditation Teacher Training is split up into 3 main parts

This comprehensive 100-hour Meditation Teacher Training Course (MTTC) is founded and delivered from Vayia Nafees. Vayia has over 600hour of Vipassana meditation experience which she gained in the silent retreat temples in Thailand accompanied by her 12 years of teaching Reiki and the spiritual knowledge and wisdom Vayia's ancestors have passed down to her. Vayia offers very high quality teacher trainings.

Join Vayia on this 100hour Meditation Teacher Training and be ready to deepen your personal meditation practice whilst gaining the confidence, knowledge and skills to teach others.

Your own self-practice. You can only teach meditation if you understand where meditation can take a person. You can only truly understand this by meditating yourself. Therefore the first part of this course is heavy based on your own self-practice, so you can truly understand what meditation is about and what type of insights and benefits it brings.

Learning about the theory behind a variation of meditations. Including Chakra Balancing Meditation, Integral Meditation, OSHO Kundalini Meditation, Four Elements Guided Meditation, Connecting to Your Inner Light Meditation, Cord-Cutting Meditation, Physical/Emotional/Mental layers and how they interlink, Conscious Creating.

Practicing teaching and becoming the best of yourself as a Teacher. You will release any blocks that are keeping you back from being the best person and teacher you are (shining your light) and coming up with a plan of how you wish to implement teaching meditation into your life.

Online 100-hour Transformational Meditation Teacher Training

Starting Tuesday 3rd November - Monday 21st December 2020 (7 weeks)

70 hours is completed online live streaming and the other 30 hours is made up of a 1 hour self-practice per day throughout the whole of the course.

Topics include: Transformation on all four bodies (Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual), Understanding the Mind: Mindfulness v's Awareness, Vibrational Levels, Energy, Beliefs when and where they are formed - how we carry them and how we release them.  Healing through thought and meditations, Brainwave Frequencies. Transformational Meditations. Conscious Creating of life. Teaching and Holding space for transformation and healing to occur.


'Vayia’s teaching style was fantastic and such a pleasure to have experienced. She is extremely relatable and can explain so much just from drawing on her wealth of personal experience.'

100hour Online Transformational Meditation Teacher Training starting Tuesday 3rd November to Monday 21st December 2020.

This unique 100hour MTTC accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals provides a full understanding of Meditation. Instead of past times meditation was linked to a religion and many courses would only teach one meditation type, this course provides a varied amount of different meditations to give a full range of meditations that you will be able to teach to others in modern day classes.

Spaces are limited. There are a maximum of 10 spaces on this Meditation Teacher Training in-order for me to give more on a personal individual level. 

This teacher training includes weekly 1on1's with founder and senior teacher Vayia Nafees and weekly zoom focus groups with the rest of the students taking part in the training.

If you are interested to join the training please e-mail and we will send you the information booklet. You are also welcome to schedule a call with Vayia Nafees to ask any questions and to see whether this teacher training is right for you.




Self-Practice. You will be taught a walking and sitting meditation as your self-practice. You will complete many hours of self-practice on this teacher training. The only way of experiencing and understanding the benefits of meditation is by practicing it. It does not matter what information I give you, you cannot learn meditation through paper, you can only learn through your own experience.

You will be required to practice 1hour per day on top of the 3.5hour per day of the live training.

There are also 3 required reading books that need to be read before the end of the course.

Transformational Meditations

You will experience and learn the deeper meaning of the different transformational meditations below:

  1. Intention Settings Meditation followed by Yoga Nidra. Understanding that your intention comes from the heart not the mind.  Your mind will always shout and your heart only whispers. We will enter a meditation to quiet the mind and access your heart to find your intention (one’s true hearts desire) then we will implement one’s intention into a yoga nidra, the best meditation to access one’s subconscious, therefore slipping the intention into the unconscious mind.

  2. Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation. You will learn about the energetic and emotional body and how these correspond to the chakras. You will learn a meditation to balance the chakras and cut any unhealthy energetic cords related to each chakra.

  3. Four Elements Guided Meditation. You will experience (feel and see) what Prana/Energy/Qi actually is, where it comes from and how we can use this within certain meditations.

  4. Archangel Michael Healing Meditation. We will bring in divine healing energy into this meditation to restore and refill the energetic/emotional/mental and physical body.

  5. Inner Child Healing Meditation. We carry every single emotion, belief and understanding of our past in our mental/emotional/energetic and physical body. Within this meditation we will go back to a past memory and heal from the root to bring peace in the present.

  6. OSHO Kundalini Meditation (A very transformational dynamic meditation)

  7. Integral Meditation. A meditation to understand that we are not just our mind. A meditation to lead us to the understanding of our consciousness.

7. You will also learn how to guide a person or group of people to delve deep into their own meditation practice. A practice they can do on their own at home, not a guided meditation.

We will also cover the topics of:


1. The Physical/Emotional/Mental and Spiritual interlink

2. Consciously Creating Your Life

3. Self-Limiting Beliefs and How to Release and Change These

4. Vibrational Levels, Brain Frequencies and Accessing the Subconcious

The final stage of this teacher training is about you being an Amazing Teacher. You will practice a varied amount of meditations on each other. You will also delve deep into who you are on a teacher level and how you want to bring teaching meditation into your life. This part is something really special it will give you the boost, clarity, confidence and insight into how you want to move forward in your life with teaching meditation and how to let your inner light shine brightly. 

Booking and Prices

The total price of this Online Transformational

Meditation Teacher Training is £1395.

To book your spot on this MTT a non-refundable deposit of £295

is required.

50% of the rest of the payment (£550) is due by the 15th November

2020 and the following 50% (£550) is due by the 15th December


Spaces will be given on a first come first served basis (A maximum

of 15 spaces in total).

If you are interested to join the training please e-mail and we will send you the information booklet. You are also welcome to schedule a call with Vayia Nafees to ask any questions and to see whether this teacher training is right for you.

Read what others say about this Meditation Teacher Training Course:

‘Today I managed two rounds of the meditation in total I did a couple of hours including the break. It felt absolutely incredible, such joy and bliss. Like I’ve never felt in my life.. it was so deep in my mind, oh golly Vayia it’s so lovely” Jack from Staffordshire


‘We are 4 weeks into our course and so many layers are shedding. I’ve been meditating more than ever before as part of this course and it is so POWERFUL. So much is being revealed. Feeling so happy and grateful. I love this journey and excited to be able to share more meditation with the people in my orbit.’ Sasha from London

"I decided to take the 100 hour meditation teacher training course after a 4 weeks beginners course Vayia taught at my local yoga studio. I really enjoyed the 4 week course and realised in order to really integrate meditation into my life permanently I needed to delve deeper and invest the time to practice daily which I knew the 100 hour course entailed. I didn’t need to think twice about Vayia being the the right teacher to guide me on this journey as I immediately felt comfortable with and trusted her. 


The teacher training course delivered above and beyond my expectations. It gave me a better understanding of mediation and and enabled me to start a daily practice but what I didn’t expect was that it was a really transformative process for me and I feel like a different person for doing it. It enabled me to gain a much better perspective on what I want in life and ability to be more content and calm on a daily basis plus gave me the confidence to take the first step in becoming a yoga teacher and I have since completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training. 


Vayia is a wonderfully kind and generous person with a warm heart which comes across in her nurturing style of teaching. I feel very lucky to have had the benefit of her support and I look forward to her taking her Reiki course in the near future as I continue my journey of self discovery." Cassie from Maidenhead

"Vayia is a wonderful human and extraordinary Transformational Meditation teacher. I first met Vayia in June 2017 after completing my yoga teacher training. I undertook a Reiki qualification after which my interest turned to deeper introspection and self transformation. I decided to complete a three month meditation course. I had been going deeper into my own meditation practice and this seemed a very natural transition. Vayia was a massive influence and as my teacher guided us easily through a deeper understanding of meditation techniques and practices. I not only now come to Vayia for Reiki healing but also to discuss the profound changes I have experienced through meditation. We have spoken about working together as I love being in her aura and also knowing that she practices what she teaches. This cannot come about without profound self practice." Monika from Colnbrook

I stumbled across Vayia’s profile earlier this year & was instantly drawn to Vayia’s Transformational Meditation Teacher Training Course back in Summer 2018. This diverse course offers a flare of transformational meditation techniques, giving you an extraordinary gift to experience the power of your consciousness. I was mind blown by how powerful meditation can really be, and for someone who has been practicing meditation for a while, this opened a further spiritual gateway beyond my imagination.

Vayia’s high vibrational energy & nurturing persona makes her a remarkable meditation teacher, mentor and now a ‘friend for life’. With a collaboration of Vayia’s incredible mentoring and diversity, and with my dedication towards deep self-practice, I can now truly prioritise my wellbeing through self-awareness and can connect to the amazing universal energies that surrounding us.

This course is simply divine. I would recommend for all of those who want to get a little more closer to understanding their spiritual self. Kam from Windsor

“I participated in Vayia’s 100 hour meditation teacher training course in 2018. The course was run over 3 residential weekends, and the accommodation was outstanding. Vayia created a real retreat feel for all three weekends, and this meant it was a great place for learning. 
Over the course I deepened my own practice and was helpfully guided by Vayia the whole way. She was available to me in between the weekend sessions which I found very helpful and reassuring. 
Vayia’s teaching style was fantastic and such a pleasure to have experienced. She is extremely relatable and can explain so much just from drawing on her wealth of personal experience. She cares deeply about her students’ progress, and this is obvious from the 1-1 conversations that I had with her over the duration of the course. 
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to a friend. It has completely changed my approach to many things, and has deepened my own desire to nurture my own practice as well as to teach others. 
Thank you so much for your wisdom, time and energy Vayia. A truly wonderful course!” Kate from Windsor

" I have to say a huge thank you, Vayia ..… the Meditation Teacher Training course was amazing! I loved every second of each day  I spent with both yourself and the other lovely Ladies, Linda, Miriam and Edele. From the first moment I met you all I felt so safe and relaxed, we spoke freely about anything and everything, completely judgement free, such a beautiful space … thank you all!

Vayia you are a beautiful person, you are so easy to talk to, so patient with answering every question I had (and I asked a lot of questions 😊) you speak openly and share your knowledge freely. Thank you for the encouragement and support you gave to each of us xx

I learnt so much from you and will continue to learn and put into practice my new skills to help others, just as you have me xx

I miss you all!


Deb xx"


I very much look forward to sharing this unique Meditation Teacher Training with you.

Much love,

Vayia x