I am passionate about helping others understand and access the universal energy and power that exists in and around us all.


By tapping into this infinite energy through mind, body and spirit we can unearth our own individual dharma or souls purpose, heal any hurts and step into your potential.


My own personal dharma is clearly to serve others by sharing, teaching and guiding you to your potential and this in turn makes my soul sing.


Like many I initially stepped into the corporate world and became a highly successful international businesswoman with the outwards signs of material success easily observed – a desirable salary, my own beautiful home in a dynamic European city living alongside a wonderful circle of friends and family.

Yet none of these initially intoxicating dreams brought me any sense of true contentment,  happiness or fulfilment. So I simply prayed that there was something more to life and that somehow I would find it.

Feeling lost, frustrated and disconnected I set out to travel, learn and grow.


My search led me to a little town in the northern valleys of Thailand where my true journey of self-discovery really began. Within three years I had studied my Reiki 1, 2 and Master levels, I had taken part in five silent Vipassana meditation retreats in the temples of Thailand and spent time working with an acupuncturist, whilst also practicing yoga and learning about EFT and Tapping.


On returning home I embraced my new dharma and created Be Your Spirit where I am a Spiritual Coach and Guide teaching Reiki, Meditation and Yoga to likeminded people. A conscious community where choosing your dharma means embracing your true potential and thriving in life.

Join our tribe.

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Vayia is a respected published author. Her guided workbook will take you on a journey to yourself, to your heart and to your inner wisdom. It will help you remember your dharma (purpose) in this lifetime and take steps to bring it into action, creating a life of fulfilment.

Find your purpose workbook


Feedback from those who have participated in classes, workshops, courses and retreats

The meditation sessions were eye-opening and I had never practised meditation before and the experience with Vayia was transformational. Same with the Reiki- incredible! Vayia makes you feel so welcomed, relaxed and at peace, she creates the perfect atmosphere to let your inhibitions go and find peace within. I really can’t fully explain how much I enjoyed the weekend, how much I gained fromit emotionally, mentally and physically. Thanks Vayia!


Reiki Teacher


The meditation course taught me equanimity, being ale to find joy and calmness in difficult situations. Vayia is an extremely special lady who came into my life to transform it for the better, if you are reading this and conteplating on whether to do the course, I hope this message gives you a little nudge to go for it! You will not be disappointed!




Prior to meeting Vayia, Reiki wasn’t something I was overly aware of. However, Vayia instantly made me curious to understand and find out more. She has an amazing ability to put you at ease, with a calming, caring and understanding manner. After one session with Vayia, I felt not only relaxed, but more in control of my own thoughts and confidence in these. I would recommend Reiki, and Vayia is an fantastic practitioner.



Media Manager

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