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Shades of White Stone

Fly high girl, this is your time.

To be your absolute potential and have a purpose-led business and create the life you love!


3 month 1 to 1 Mentorship Programme
I am so excited to offer my students this 1 to 1 purpose-led businesses mentoring programme. I want to see you thrive! I want to see you offering exactly what you want to be offering, living exactly the life you wish to be living and earning exactly the amount of money you wish to earn!

Yes it is totally true you can make more than a full time income being a Meditation Teacher/ Light-Worker/Healer/Witch/Coach.

This is your time to create the business you absolutely love, the life you absolutely love and get paid the money you absolutely deserve!

Harness the power within

Are you ready?

Shades of White Stone

3 months of 1 to 1 mentoring with me.

Work with me to up level your business and your potential.

Are you serving the amount of people you want to be serving?

Are you earning the amount of money you want to be earning?

Do you have a long term business strategy?


Take me to my next level

As well as being a Spiritual Teacher, I also have a business mind and an entrepreneur spirit.

Spiritual development combined with intuitive business strategy and coaching helps me lead you to your absolute potential and allow you to create the business and life you absolutely love.

I help you zone into the specifics of your purpose and help you find a long - term business model that creates the life you love whilst bringing in the income you need and want.

And of course we will transform any limiting beliefs, fears, money blocks and anything in the way of you reaching your potential.

This 3month mentorship with me will without doubt uplevel you and your business.

An investment you want to invest in!

I am only offering 1 space per month for this mentorship so if this is your time to up level register below for a discovery call.



If you haven't realised already, you will do soon. The more you invest in yourself the more you grow. The more money you invest in your business the more your income grows. It is a spiritual law. It is said that whatever you invest in yourself or business your return is 7times more.

The price for this mentoring programme is £2295 which can of course be split up into monthly payments.



Feedback from those who have participated in Reiki courses


 It has helped me emotionally, mentally, psychologically as well as physically. It is also very relaxing to perform as well as receive. I highly recommended Vayia and her Reiki courses.


I have done both Reiki 1 and 2 courses with Vayia, which were absolutely amazing and have been invaluable to my life.


After one session with Vayia, I felt not only relaxed, but more in control of my own thoughts and confidence in these. I would recommend Reiki, and Vayia is an fantastic practitioner and teacher. 


Reiki is an incredible healing method and can improve an individual's wellbeing on every level. It has helped me emotionally, mentally, psychologically as well as physically.


After suffering from anxiety I heard Reiki could help. I felt much more myself after just one session. I would highly really recommend this treatment.


be still  be inspired  be free

journey to your soul purpose.png

Vayia is a respected published author. Her guided workbook will take you on a journey to yourself, to your heart and to your inner wisdom. It will help you remember your dharma (purpose) in this lifetime and take steps to bring it into action, creating a life of fulfilment.


Find your purpose workbook

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