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Transformational Meditation Teacher Training Deposit

Transformational Meditation Teacher Training Deposit


Looking to deepen your meditation practice? Ready to teach meditation?

Get certified with this unique 200 hour Online Meditation Teacher Training

founded and delivered by Vayia Nafees.


This meditation training has been designed to offer you all the information and understanding of meditation whilst you embody a deep self-practice to lead you to the insights and benefits of meditation.

Join the BeYourSpirit meditation teacher community and step into your light and offer meditation to your loved ones and community.

There is no other online course that teaches the breadth and depth of meditation practices at this level, giving you as a teacher the very best resources to share with your students.


Transformational Meditations


  • Buddhist Meditation

  • Integral Meditation

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Allowing and Accepting Meditation

  • Cord Cutting Meditation

  • Chakra Balancing Meditation

  • Loving, Kindness Meditation

  • OSHO Kundalini Meditation

  • Pranayama/Breath Work


Core Elements


An Insight Self-Practice

You can only teach meditation if you understand where meditation can take you and the benefits it delivers.


One of the core parts of this training is based on self practice and deepening your own personal experience of its insights and gifts.


Transformational Meditations

Experiencing and understanding the theory and energetic healing behind the transformational and healing meditations.


Step Into Your Potential

The third powerful aspect of this training is releasing any final blocks to allow you to step into the teacher role, enabling you to share your knowledge and wisdom with others.


The course will teach you how to implement meditation into your life and business.




  • Introduction to Meditation (History/Lineage/Benefits)
  • Transformation on all four bodies (Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual)
  • Understanding the Mind: Mindfulness v's Consciousness
  • Energy and Vibrational Levels
  • Teaching and Holding space for transformation and healing to occur
  • Beliefs: When and where they are formed and How we carry them and how we release them
  • Healing through thought and meditations
  • Transformational Meditations
  • Conscious Creating Your Life/Manifesting
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